Configuring Authentication for Windows

Authentication through the Windows operating system is enabled by default. Configuration is required only if you have upgraded from an older version of SAP Control Center and no longer want to use the older version’s authentication settings; if you do not want to use Windows for authentication; or if you want to create login accounts manually. SAP recommends that you allow SCC to create accounts automatically.
This task is optional. However, if you choose not to create SAP Control Center accounts automatically, you must enter them manually. Even when SCC users authenticate through LDAP or the local operating system, SCC needs the accounts for purposes of setting authorization (user privileges).
  1. Log in to SCC using an account with SCC administrative privileges. (The login account or its group must have sccAdminRole.)
  2. Select Application > Administration > Security.
  3. Click to select or deselect the box labeled Automatically add SCC login records for authenticated logins.
  4. Click to select or deselect the box labeled Automatically grant sccUserRole to newly created logins.
  5. Click OK to close the Security dialog.
There are two next steps:
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