Data on Screens or Charts Is Missing

Problem: Data on screens or charts is missing.

Solution 1: Schedule collections

Schedule collection jobs for statistics collections. If collections are scheduled, make sure the start and stop times are set correctly.
  • In the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise monitor, the Overview, Devices, Engines, and Segments screens use data from collection_ase_all_client_kpis.
  • Also in the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise monitor, the Replication Agent screen uses data from collection_ase_rat.
  • The statistics chart uses data from collection_ase_histmon and collection_ase_all_client_kpis.
  • The heat chart uses data from collection_ase_availability, which is the default collection.

Solution 2: Check revalidation frequency

If appropriate collections are scheduled but data is missing on caches, devices, engines, or segments that were recently added to a registered SAP ASE server, check the value of the revalidation_frequency parameter. If the repository has not refreshed (revalidated) its list of monitored resources since the new resources were added, data on the new resources is not collected or displayed. Wait for the next revalidation to see the data.

Solution 3: Reset system clocks

If appropriate collections are scheduled but data is missing, truncated, or incomplete, compare the clock settings on the machines where SAP Control Center and the client browser are running. Clocks that are out of sync by a few minutes cause screens and charts to display incomplete data. If the clocks’ time difference exceeds the value of the chart trend period, displays that use the chart trend period contain no data. (This problem occurs when the time on one or both system clocks is incorrect. It is not caused by time zone differences—servers and clients can operate successfully in different time zones.)

Solution 4: Reset collection interval or trend period

If appropriate collections are scheduled but lines on graphs are missing, truncated, or incomplete, the values of the collection repeat interval and the chart trend period might be too close together. When these options are set to similar values, graphs sometimes contain only a single data point. Because SAP Control Center needs at least two data points to draw a curve on a graph and a single data point is not displayed, graphs are empty. For example, if the collection interval is 12 minutes and the trend period is 15 minutes, graphs will display two data points for only a few minutes at a time, so they will appear to be blank more often than not.

To resolve the problem, decrease the collection repeat interval (set on the collection job in the scheduler) or increase the chart trend period (set on the Settings screen in the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise monitor) so that multiple collection intervals occur within the trend period.

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