Transaction Statistics and Details

Interpret information about SAP ASE transactions.

The Transactions table displays information about all active transactions on the selected server. Details include the name of the transaction, the login of the user who owns it, the application that launched the transaction, the process that initiated the transaction (SPID column), the transaction’s start time, the name of the host where the transaction is running, and the database it is running against. (If a transaction affects more than one database, the table does not display them all—it shows the transaction’s current database and the process that started the transaction.)

Note: In cluster configurations, information in the Transactions table is grouped by cluster instances.

When you select a transaction in the table, the User Log Cache Usage tab at the bottom of the screen displays statistics about the user log cache for the selected transaction. Details include bytes written, number of flushes and full flushes, maximum cache usage (in bytes), and current usage (in bytes).

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