Rescheduling a Backup Job

You can reschedule an existing backup job by resetting the schedule, target server, and execution options for the backup job.

  1. In the Administration Console view, expand ASE Servers > Task Management
  2. Click Reschedule Jobs
  3. Click the Name field of the scheduled job, then click the drop-down arrow and select Reschedule.
  4. In the Introduction screen, enter the name of the job you want to reschedule.
  5. In the Select Schedule screen, choose the schedule you want to apply to your job.
  6. In the Target Server screen:
    1. Choose a server from the pull-down list as your target server on which your job executes. The server can be a local host or a remote server.
    2. Select Reset target server to set the target server on which the scheduled job will be executed. By default, this option is unselected and the original target server is used.
  7. In the Job Execution Options screen, update these schedule settings:
    • Time out for the schedule
    • Log output for the job
    • Allow others to use
    • Disable the scheduled job when the job fails
    • Delete the scheduled job when the job completes
  8. (Optional) Click Summary to verify your settings:
  9. (Optional) Click Preview to view the SQL syntax for the options you selected for the schedule.