Manage a Scheduled Backup Job

Manually run an idle scheduled job from the job's context menu, or terminate, disable, or enable a running scheduled job.

When you install Job Scheduler, the JS Agent creates its own log file in the same directory as the SAP ASE log file. If you encounter connection issues or failures, check the log file to view JS activity such as connection issues and task request.
  1. In the Administration Console view, expand ASE Servers > Task Management
  2. Click Schedule Jobs
  3. Right-click the scheduled job you want to manage, and select:
    Option Description
    Enable See Enabling Scheduled Jobs.
    Delete See Deleting a Backup Job from the Schedule.
    Disable See Disabling Scheduled Jobs.
    Run now See Running a Scheduled Job Now.
    Terminate Stops a scheduled backup job that is in progress. See Terminating a Scheduled Job in Progress.
  4. (Optional) Click Preview to view the SQL syntax for the commands to run the schedule job.
  5. Click OK to confirm your option.