Starting QPTune to fix missing statistics

Start the utility with the start_stats action. For example:

QPTune -A start_stats -S my_host:4816/my_database
Executing : QPTune -U sa -P [unshown] 
-S jdbc:sybase:Tds:my_host:4816/my_database 
-A start_stats -M allrows_dss -T 0 -i null 
-o metrics.xml -f null -c config.xml -l 5 
-e elap_avg -d 5,5 -m 5 -n null -v
You are now connected to database: my_database
[INFO] Config: sp_configure 'capture missing statistics', 1
[INFO] Config: sp_configure 'system table', 1
[INFO] Config: delete sysstatistics where formatid =110

You may also use the -c option to specify a configuration file. This extracts server-level configuration settings from the <start_stats> section of your configuration file. See “Configuration file”.