Upgrading, and using new features immediately

To upgrade to Adaptive Server 15.0 and use the new features immediately, Sybase recommends that you skip setting the compatibility mode, and tune the application using QPTune:

  1. Upgrade your Adaptive Server 12.5 and database to Adaptive Server 15.0.3 ESD #1 or later, which supports migration using QPTune.

  2. Use QPTune to turn on the statistics advisor.

  3. Run the application queries. QPTune advises you on what statistics are critical, and creates them. Typically, most queries are tuned at this point.

  4. Run QPTune with Adaptive Server 15.0 optimization goals.

  5. Run the queries with different optimization goals and select the best performing optimization goal.

  6. Run the application queries again.

  7. Check if there are any queries left to be tuned.

  8. Run QPTune for queries that need further tuning.

  9. Manually tune the remaining queries. Use traditional techniques of analyzing query plans and either rewriting them to obtain the desired performance, or using techniques such as abstract query plans.