Error 3624



Message text

Truncation error occurred.


The precision of a datatype denotes the maximum number of digits allowed in columns of that datatype. For the exact numeric types dec, decimal and numeric, the allowed range of data depends on the column’s precision as well as its scale; that is, the maximum number of digits that are allowed to the right of the decimal point.

Error 3624 occurs when an operation inserts data into a target column or variable but the precision or scale of the target are too small for the data. The operation fails and the command aborts.


Examine the data involved in the arithmetic operation to ensure that the target column or variable is sized appropriately.

Additional information

The set arithabort and set arithignore options specify behavior following loss of precision or (for exact numeric types) loss of scale. For more information see:

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions