Error 3641



Message text

Failed to set alarm. Please try increasing the number of alarms in the configuration file.


When this error is raised with states 1 or 2, then the asynchronous logging service (ALS) threads are being started. Adaptive Server sets up an alarm for the ALS service to be woken up on periodic basis to check for work that need to be done. The error is raised if all alarm structures are in use at the same time and free alarm structures are not available to set the alarm. For more information on ALS, please refer to the Performance and Tuning: Basics section “Asynchronous log service” in the chapter “Indexing for Performance.”If this error is raised with state 3, then there were not enough alarm structures to set a timer for the license heartbeat.


Regardless of the state in which the error was raised, review and increase the configuration parameter number of alarms.

Alarms are used by a variety of processes:

Additional information

The availability of alarm structures can change, depending on the server’s activity. If the error persists, despite increasing the configured number of alarms, or you do not believe the Adaptive Server has too many concurrent processes that requiring alarms, capture the following outputs close to the occurrence of error 3641 and contact Sybase Technical Support:

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.5.1 or later