Error 2824



Message text

Process %d cannot hold PROC_BUF 0x%1x named '%.*s' because it holds another PROC_BUF 01%1x named '%.*s'. A process can only hold one view, rule, or default at a time.


A process can hold many procedures and triggers, but it can hold only one view, rule, or default at a time. If a process already holds a view, rule, or default, and Adaptive Server tries to add another one for the process, error 2824 is raised.

Error 2824 can be caused when:


Use sp_help view_name to determine whether a view that is referenced by stored procedures or triggers has been dropped and re-created. If the view’s creation time is later than the creation time of the procedure or trigger to which the view refers, drop and re-create the stored procedures and triggers that reference that view.

If error 2824 persists, there is probably a procedure cache corruption. Stop and restart Adaptive Server to clear the corruption.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions