Error 5006



Message text

Could not find enough space on disks to extend database %.*s.


This error occurs when an alter database command refers to an Adaptive Server device that is completely full.

If the device is not full but has less space than the alter database command requests, the database will be extended to fill up the available space on the device and no error message will be displayed. Instead, you will see the usual status message from alter database, but it will report fewer pages than you requested.

This error message does not usually appear in the error log. However, if the exhausted device also uses up the available physical disk drive space as well as the space allocated for Adaptive Server, kernel messages declaring the file system full will occur in the error log. If this happens, fix the file system problem as well as the lack of space for Adaptive Server.


To recover from error 5006, perform one of the following procedures:

Refer to “Developing a Backup and Recovery Plan” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2 for information about how to safely create, dump, load and re-create databases.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions