Error 14126



Message text

Couldn't find an available partition descriptor. Raise the value of the configuration parameter 'number of open partitions' for more partition descriptors.


In Adaptive Server Enterprise version 15.0 and later, all tables have at least one partition, whether or not a partition was explicitly defined on the table. When you upgrade a database to Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.x, all existing tables in the database are modified to have one partition. When data is accessed from a table, necessary partitions are kept open; however, a DBA can limit the number of open partitions at any given point of time. This error indicates that there is not enough room to open a new partition.


Use sp_configure to set the number of open partitions value appropriately for your server. See “Setting Configuration Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for details on setting this parameter.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 15.0 and later