Error 721



Message text

The prochdr '0x%p' has large allocation enabled incorrectly. This is an Adaptive Server internal error. Please contact Sybase Tech Support.


“Large allocations” is an internal Adaptive Server Enterprise algorithm designed to improve the speed of memory allocations by attempting to allocate more than one page of memory at a time.

Adaptive Server Enterprise will not store procedures to disk with the large allocation algorithm enabled, becasue loading the same procedures back into memory may not always be possible. Therefore, the procedure headers used for stored objects must not use large allocation.

Error 721 is raised when Adaptive Server attempts to write a procedure to disk and large allocations is enabled.


If you encounter error 721 when trying to run a create procedure command, retry that command.

Additional information

If error 721 persists, a configurable shared memory dump (CSMD) may assist in determining root cause. Information about CSMD can be found in the section “Other Useful Tasks” in the Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery guide.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 15.0.1 and later