Error 2243



Message text

QUIESCE DATABASE failed with error %ld. See the error log for more detail.


Popular techniques for backing up an Adaptive Server database, without the need for a full dump and load cycle, include unlinking a mirror device and using file system backup utilities outside the server. In version 12.0, quiesce database allows you to unlink mirrors or back up devices at the operating system level without having to first shut down the server. quiesce database hold establishes a quiesce point and prevents updates in the specified databases. quiesce database release allows transactions to resume once the device is unlinked or the external backup completes. quiesce database hold creates a child process, known as a quiesce db agent, to carry out the tasks necessary to establish the quiesce point.

Error 2243 is raised when you issue quiesce database hold, but the quiesce db agent detects a condition which prevents it from creating the quiesce point. Possible causes include:


Note the error number specified in the 2243 message text. Locate this error in the server error log to determine the cause of the problem. Take the appropriate action, such as issuing a dump database, to resolve the error.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.0 and later