Error 3452



Message text

Database '%.*s': upgrade item %d depends on item %d, which could not be installed. Please refer to previous messages for the cause of the failure, correct the problem and try again.


Databases can be upgraded during an online database command or when you are using the sybinit upgrade utility. Many upgrade steps depend on other upgrade steps having been done previously.

Error 3452 occurs when the first upgrade step shown in the message depended on the second reported step, and that second step has failed. The database upgrade does not complete when this error occurs.

You will not be able to bring the database named in the error message online until you resolve the problem that led to the 3452 error.


  1. Find the previous message describing the failure of the dependent (second) step.

  2. Fix the problem that caused the failure. If appropriate, follow the directions for a failed upgrade in the Adaptive Server installation and configuration guide.

  3. If you were running online database when error 3452 occurred, issue the online database command to restart the database upgrade.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions