Error 5602



Message text

Could not find an available distributed transaction participant descriptor. Retry later, or please contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role to reconfigure your system for more descriptors.


A distributed transaction (DTX) participant is an internal memory structure that the Adaptive Server Transaction Coordination (ASTC) service uses to manage a remote transaction branch. As transactions propagate to remote servers, the ASTC service must obtain new DTX participants (also known as DTX descriptors) to manage those branches.

Error 5602 is raised when there are not enough participants in the DTX descriptor pool to start or continue a remote distributed transaction. In-progress distributed transactions may abort due to a shortage of DTX participants.


Update the number of dtx participants configuration parameter. To strike a balance between too many participants (wasting memory) and too few (failing transactions), use sp_monitorconfig during a peak period:

1> sp_monitorconfig "number of dtx participants"
2> go

If the #Free value is zero or very low, consider increasing the value to increase the number of remote transaction branches that Adaptive Server can handle.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.0 and later