Error 7408



Message text

Could not find a dbtable for database %d.


Information about each database is kept in memory in a structure called a dbtable. Error 7408 occurs when an attempt to execute the built-in function lct_admin fails because the database table (database ID) information was either not available or incorrect.


Verify that you have entered the correct database name (or database ID) in the threshold procedure. If it is not correct, modify the procedure.

This error can occur because the database is not open because the value of the number of open databases configuration parameter is too low. If the value for number of open databases is too low, use sp_configure to raise the value.

If the database name is correct, the value of the number of open databases configuration parameter is large enough to accommodate all the system and user databases, and the command still fails with this message, check the Adaptive Server error log for messages.

To perform the threshold task that did not run because of this error:

  1. Select the database:

    1> use <database_name>
    2> go

    Where <database_name> is the database for which the error occurred.

  2. Run sp_helpthreshold <segment_name> for the segment for which the error occurred. This will display the stored procedure associated with the threshold.

  3. Run the stored procedure manually.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions