Error 7401



Message text

Could not allocate memory for the threshold task's argument list; threshold task cannot be spawned for database %d, segment %d, free space %ld.


This error occurs when a stored procedure associated with a threshold was not initiated because there was not enough memory available in procedure cache.


Although error 7401 indicates that the threshold task did not run because not enough memory was available in procedure cache at that time, the threshold task may have run later when enough memory did become available.

NoteBefore performing the following steps, determine whether the threshold task ran at a later time. If the threshold task has already run, the following steps are not necessary.

To perform the threshold task that did not run because of this error:

  1. Select the database:

    1> use <database_name>
    2> go

    Where <database_name> is the database for which the error occurred.

  2. Run sp_helpthreshold <segment_name> for the segment named in the error message. This will display the stored procedure associated with the threshold.

  3. Run the stored procedure manually.

To prevent this error from occurring in the future, make sure there is enough memory to run stored procedures associated with a threshold by testing them during the time when your system is most heavily loaded. If there is not enough memory, do one of the following:

Additional information

Refer to the Adaptive Server Enterprise Performance and Tuning guides and “Configuring Memory” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2 for information about Adaptive Server memory use.

Refer to the chapter “Managing Free Space with Thresholds” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2 for information about Adaptive Server thresholds.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions