Error 8009



Message text

Error encountered by %S_MSG.  Please refer to %S_MSG messages for details.


Error 8009 is a general purpose message that Adaptive Server can raise in a number of situations when working with another Sybase server. The “%S_MSG” in the message text is the name of the server that generated the error. Most commonly, this error indicates that Backup Server encountered a problem in running the dump database or load database commands.

When you issue a dump or load command from Adaptive Server, the server interprets the command and sends remote procedure calls (RPCs) to the Backup Server. As dumps and loads execute, Adaptive Server and Backup Server use RPCs to exchange instructions and status messages. Therefore, an 8009 error during a dump or load is typically accompanied by additional messages originating from the Backup Server.


Check the Backup Server and Adaptive Server error logs for additional messages. If there are any Backup Server errors, refer to that error description in this manual for assistance in resolving the error.

If no other errors accompanied the 8009 message, there may be a problem with Backup Server. Take these steps:

  1. Use the showserver utility to check that Backup Server is running. Refer to the Adaptive Server utility commands manual for your platform for assistance.

  2. Log into Adaptive Server and verify that you can communicate with Backup Server, using the following command:

    1> exec SYB_BACKUP...sp_who
    2> go

    Under normal situations, you should see a few lines of sp_who output.

If Backup Server is down or is not communicating, restart the server and repeat the above steps. If the problem persists, contact Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

See the Adaptive Server Enterprise Utility Guide for instructions on using the showserver utility.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions