Error 4221



Message text

DUMP TRANsaction to a dump device is not allowed where a truncate-only transaction dump has been performed after the last DUMP DATABASE.  Use DUMP DATABASE instead.


The dump database command makes a copy of the entire database, including both the data and the transaction log. dump database does not truncate the log.

The dump transaction command copies the transaction log, recording any database changes made since the last database or transaction log dump. After copying the log, it truncates the inactive portion. The dump transaction with truncate_only command, on the other hand, removes transactions from the log without making a backup copy.

Error 4221 occurs in the following situations:


Perform a dump database first to back up the database and log. Follow this up with the appropriate dump transaction command.

Make sure the trunc log on chkpt database option is turned “off.” When this option is turned “on,” you cannot dump the transaction log.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions