Error 8601



Message text

Process %d tried to keep the PSS for process %d when it already had the PSS for process %d kept. 


A process is a task being carried out by Adaptive Server. Processes can be in various states, such as running or waiting for resources. Processes cease to exist when they complete normally or are terminated with the kill command. For each user process and some system processes, Adaptive Server maintains a Process Status Structure (PSS) to track the state of the process and its use of resources.

Typically, each process is concerned with its own PSS. However tasks such as diagnostic commands, system procedures like sp_who, and the kill command require that a process interact with the PSS for another process. For example a process performing a kill must temporarily attach (“keep”) the PSS of the target process to its own PSS, read or write necessary information in the target PSS, and “unkeep” it. A process can only keep one PSS (besides its own) at a time.

Error 8601 is raised when a process is already keeping the PSS of one process, and tried to keep the PSS of another process at the same time. The error is sometimes seen when the System Administrator or other user is attempting a kill operation or running a diagnostic command.


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