Error 5893



Message text

The sum, (%s) + (%s %s) + (%s) + (%s), must be no greater than '%ld'.


Error 5893 is raised when the number of file descriptors available to Adaptive Server is less than the number needed by the process.

When you start up Adaptive Server or run sp_configure to change certain configuration parameters (such as number of user connections), the following criterion must be met:

number of remote sites + max number network listeners 
+ number of user connections 
+ (number of devices * max online engines * 2)
<= o/s file descriptors - <descriptors for environment files>

NoteOn platforms that use light weight engines (Windows systems), use 1 instead of max online engines for the calculation.

The variable <descriptors for environment files> is not a configuration parameter. It accounts for file descriptors used by the server error log and other operational files. The <descriptors for environment files> value is 8 on Windows platforms and 10 on all other platforms.


Increase the available file descriptors or reduce the value of one or more configuration parameters in the above expression.

Many operating systems allow you to configure the amount of file descriptors available per process. See the Adaptive Server installation and configuration guide for your platform for details on how to increase the available file descriptors.

Additional information

The o/s file descriptors parameter indicates the maximum per-process number of file descriptors configured for your operating system. This parameter is read-only and cannot be configured through Adaptive Server.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions