Error 4205



Message text

Syslogs does not exist in its own segment in database ’%S_DBID’ with segmap ’%ld’ with logical start page number of ’%ld’. You cannot use DUMP TRANSACTION in this case, use DUMP DATABASE instead.


The dump transaction command copies the transaction log, which resides in the syslogs table, recording any database changes made since the last database dump or transaction log dump. Error 4205 is raised when you attempt dump transaction, but the log and data share the same device. Transaction log dumps are only possible when data and log reside on separate devices.

Since transaction logs are used for up-to-date recovery in the event of a disk failure, they are useful only if kept separate from the data device.


Use dump database. This will make a copy of the entire database, including both data and the transaction log.

Additional information

Unless you are creating small, noncritical databases, always place the log on a separate device. This allows you to dump transaction logs, ensures full recovery from hard disk crashes and has many other benefits including performance improvement. For details, refer to “Placing the Transaction Log on a Separate Device” in the chapter “Creating and Managing User Databases” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2.

When data and log share device space, it is possible to move the transaction log to its own device by using the system stored procedure sp_logdevice. For related information, see the write-up for “Error 4222” in this manual.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions