Error 3105



Message text

Data on dump will not fit into current database. Need %d Mbyte database.


This error occurs when an attempt is made to load a database dump into a database smaller than the dumped database. You cannot use dump database or load database to shrink a database, regardless of the amount of actual data in the database.


If your goal is to load the database from the dump, you must increase the size of the database being loaded into to at least the configured size of the dumped database. You can do this with either the alter database command or by dropping and re-creating a larger database.

If your goal is to shrink the total size of a database, you cannot use dump and load. You must copy all the data out of the database using bcp, drop the database and re-create a smaller database, then re-create the database structure with scripts, and reload the data with bcp.

Additional information

The database being loaded into must have identical data and log mapping, and identical segment mappings, as the dumped database. Refer to “Error 2558” for more information.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions