Error 4305



Message text

Specified file '%.*s' is out of sequence. Current time stamp is %S_DATE while dump was from %S_DATE.


During a load transaction, Adaptive Server checks the timestamp on the dumped database and each dumped transaction log to determine whether the sequence is correct. If the load sequence of the transaction logs is incorrect, error 4305 occurs and the load fails.

If you are missing a transaction log dump, you can only restore up to the transaction log dump before the missing dump.

In addition, you cannot load multiple transaction log dumps that have been created with the no_truncate option. The no_truncate option assumes that nothing further will be done with the transaction log after that point: it is only useful for up-to-the-minute recovery of a database after failure of the data device. If you have used the no_truncate option and your database is still okay, do a dump database as soon as possible.

This error is serious as the load processing stops and the load transaction fails.


Load the log backups in the same sequence in which they were made. Check your transaction log dumps to determine whether one was loaded out of order. If you find the correct dump, load it and continue with the rest of the dumps, in order.

Additional information

For more information, refer to “load transaction” in the Reference Manual: Commands.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions