Error 2409



Message text

Cannot find the requested character set in Syscharsets: name = '%.*s'.


Information about the character sets that are defined for use by Adaptive Server is stored in syscharsets. Error 2409 occurs when Adaptive Server cannot find a character set needed for character set conversion.

Error 2409 can occur:


Make sure all necessary character sets are loaded, including the client’s character set (as shown in the error message output):

1> use master
2> go

1> select csid, id, name from syscharsets
2> go
 csid id  name                           
 ---- --- ------------------------------ 
    0   0 ascii_8 
    0   1 iso_1 
    1  50 bin_iso_1

If you are missing needed character sets, follow the directions in the Adaptive Server installation and configuration guide to load them using the sybinit utility.

Standalone utilities

By default, for standalone utilities, the character set used for the client is the default for the platform. This may not be the correct character set. If the 2409 error is occurring while you are using isql, bcp, or defncopy, use the -J (UNIX and Windows) command-line option to specify the client character set.

Open Client applications

For Open Client applications such as DB-Library, you can specify the character set for the client through the login packet. Refer to the reference manual for the application and Open Server 15.0, Open Client 15.0 and SDK 15.0 for details.

Additional information

Refer to the chapter “Configuring Client/Server Character Set Conversions” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions