Error 15101



Message text

There is insufficient memory to allocate %ld bytes. Please increase configuration parameter `messaging memory`, or try again when there is less activity on the server.


The real-time data services (RTDS) manager attempted to allocate memory for a message but was unable to do so.


If the number of bytes to be allocated is higher than expected, check the application to make sure the message sizes are not excessive. If the state is 1 or 3, increase “messaging memory.” If the error is raised with state 2, increase the “heap memory per user.”

Additional information

If the error persists after you make configuration changes, a configurable shared memory dump (CSMD) may be helpful in determining the root cause. Refer to “Obtaining a CSMD dump” in the “Other Useful Tasks” chapter of the most recent version of the Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery guide.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.5.2 and later