Error 12717



Message text

Suspect data encountered: Database '%.*s', object '%.*s', index ID '%ld', page ID '%ld'


Adaptive Server’s recovery fault isolation (RFI) feature enables recovery to mark a single page or a set of pages of a user database suspect, while allowing access to the remainder of the database. The bad pages are said to be “offline”, and may not be used until the problem is corrected.

Error 12717 is raised when you issue a query that requires access to an offline page. This error is preceded by error 12716 (see “Error 12716”).


The offline pages must be repaired before they can be used. Responsibility for repairing offline pages belongs to a user with sa_role. The System Administrator can bring a page online to make it accessible to sa_role:

1> sp_forceonline_page <database_name>, <pgid>, 'sa_on'
2> go

Where <pgid> is the page ID shown in the 12717 error.

WARNING! When forcing pages online, note that Adaptive Server does not do any consistency checks before putting pages online.

Use existing methods to diagnose and repair problems, checking the server error log for any errors related to the offline page and determining appropriate corrective action. Before making repaired pages available to all users, check that repairs have been made correctly by running dbcc commands or queries with known results.

Additional information

For a detailed discussion of RFI, refer to “Online recovery and fault isolation” in the chapter “Server Recovery Tasks” in the most recent version of Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions