Error 7618



Message text

The audit process is not currently active. Contact a user with System Administrator (SA) or System Security Officer (SSO) role.


When auditing is required, an audit record is allocated on the stack and filled in with information that varies depending on the type of event. Adaptive Server formats the record into an audit buffer (the audit queue) and places this buffer in the audit process mailbox.

If the audit process is not active when auditing is required, Adaptive Server terminates the user’s process because the process should have been audited but the audit process was unable to do so.


Resolve the errors that stopped auditing (for example, change the number of locks, or the space in sybsecurity, and so on), then have a user with the Sybase Security Officer (SSO) role restart auditing:

1) sp_audit 'restart'
2) go

NoteIf you are running a version of Adaptive Server Enterprise earlier than version, you must restart Adaptive Server to restart the audit process.

Additional information

Version 15.0 and later, refer to the “Auditing” chapter in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for detailed information about auditing; versions earlier than 15.0, refer to the “Auditing” chapter in the System Administration Guide.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions