Error 832



Message text

Unable to place buffer 0x%x holding logical page %ld in sdes for object ’%.*s’ - there is no room in sdes aux keep pool.


Error 832 is raised when the server runs out of space in the 2K sort buffer during a sort-intensive operation such as a parallel index creation.

Error 832 is raised with the following states:




Buffer could not be placed in auxiliary buffer keep pool.


Similar to state 1, but this state occurs when an operation needs to “keep” an already kept buffer.


State 1

Increase number of sort buffers beyond the default value. This allows the sort manager to utilize more sort buffers and reduce the number of merge runs and amount of disk I/O required for the operation.

State 2

If this error is raised with state 2, report the problem to Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

The number of sort buffers configuration parameter specifies the number of 2K buffers used to hold pages read from input tables and perform index merges during sorts.

Sybase recommends that you leave this parameter set to the default except when you are creating indexes in parallel. Setting the value too high can rob non-sorting processes of access to the 2K buffer pool in caches being used to perform sorts.

For more information on configuring number of sort buffers for parallel create index statements, see “Configuration Parameters” in the chapter “Setting Configuration Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1. Also refer to Configuring enough sort buffers” in the chapter “Indexing for Performance” in the Adaptive Server Enterprise version 15.0 or later Performance and Tuning: Locking guide.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions.