Error 428



Message text

There are more than %d referential constraints on table %.*s. Please reduce the number of referential constraints before trying this query.


During query processing, Adaptive Server checks for the existence of foreign keys and dependent foreign keys (a foreign key is a column or combination of columns whose values match the primary key). A range table entry is created for each reference check and foreign key constraint. “%d” in the error message is the maximum number of table references allowed. Error 428 is raised when this limit is reached.


When setting up constraints on your tables, determine the maximum number of tables that might be touched by an update, insert, or delete statement.

To determine which constraints exist for a table, type:

1> use <database_name> 
2> go

1> sp_helpconstraint <table_name>
2> go

If necessary, drop some of the constraints on the table:

1> alter table <table_name>
2> drop constraint <constraint_name>
3> go

Additional information

Refer to the Adaptive Server Enterprise reference manuals for information about constraints.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions