Failed to open device

Message text

kdopen: failed to open device %s for vdn %d

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


Before using a database device, Adaptive Server attempts to perform some initialization tasks. When mirroring is being used, if Adaptive Server is unable to open the secondary side of a mirrored device for these initialization tasks, this message is written to the error log. <%s> is the physical path to the secondary side of the mirrored device and <%d> is the virtual disk number of the device.

This error can be raised because:


  1. Examine the Adaptive Server error log for other messages that may explain why this error has occurred. Refer to the instructions in this manual for resolving other errors associated with this error.

  2. Identify the device involved in the error:

    1> select name from master..sysdevices
    2> where low/power(2,24) = <vdevno>

    Where <vdevno> is the virtual disk number of the device as shown in the error message.

  3. Examine the availability and condition of the device involved using your standard operating system procedures and make sure the device is accessible.