Error 2753



Message text

Received an error code of '%d' from 'intl_strblist()'.


intl_strblist is an Adaptive Server function used to convert a message from the server’s default language to the client’s language. Error 2753 is raised when there is an inconsistency in language between the client session and the server’s default language, and intl_strblist is unable to convert the message to the client format. The error code denotes the type of conversion problem that occurred.

For example, this error may be raised when you invoke an isql session with the -J option to specify a client character set different from us_english and run certain dbcc commands. The error may occur even if Adaptive Server is configured to use the alternate language.

This is not a serious error and does not cause any problems in your database. Depending on the type of error, Adaptive Server may be able to print the message string in us_english.


Use one of the following actions to address the 2753 error:

Versions in which this error is raised

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