Error 1603



Message text

Process priority %d invalid or no process slots available


When starting a new process, Adaptive Server checks that:

Error 1603 occurs when the new process is requested at an invalid priority, or when not enough connections are available to start the process.

Error 1603 occurs with the following states:




Unable to create a new, internal server process.


Unable to create a process to handle a new user connection (for example, an isql connection) to the server.


Check the following parameters, and increase the values as needed:

number of user connections
number of remote connections

Also check any applications currently accessing the server. The number of connections needed by an application depends entirely on how the application is programmed. You may need to shut down and correct any applications that are using excessive connections.

Process priority

Check the value of process priority reported in the message text. If the value does not fall in the valid range between 0 and 7, check the priority at which applications are accessing the server.

Additional information

number of user connections and number of remote connections are static parameters. You must restart the server after you change their values.

Refer to the chapter “Setting Configuration Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for details about parameters that control new connections.

You can also obtain more details about user connections by executing the command sp_monitorconfig 'user connections'.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions