Error 911



Message text

Attempt to locate entry in sysdatabases for  database '%.*s' by name failed - no entry found under that name. Make sure  that name is entered properly.

NoteThis error can be caused by a hardware problem.


This error occurs during a use command when Adaptive Server tries to access a database that is not listed in sysdatabases. For example:


  1. Obtain a list of all databases in sysdatabases by executing sp_helpdb or the following:

    1> select name from master..sysdatabases 
    2> go

    The list returned contains the only valid databases recognized by Adaptive Server and available for use.

  2. Either create the missing database or change the reference to a database from the list created in step 1:

    • If a user-issued use command created the error, either create a database following regular procedures (refer to the chapter “Creating and Managing User Databases” in System Administration Guide: Volume 2) or change the use command to refer to one of the databases from the list created in step 1.

    • If the defaultdb option of sp_addlogin refers to an invalid database, the System Administrator (“sa”) or user needs to specify a new, valid, default database. To specify a new default database, choose a database name from the list in step 1 and use the following procedure:

      1> sp_modifylogin <user_name>, defdb, <database_name>
      2> go

      Although you can successfully change your own default database at any time with sp_modifylogin, you can access the database only if the database owner (“dbo”) has added you as a user in the database.

Additional information

Refer to the Reference Manual: Procedures for information about sp_addlogin and sp_modifylogin.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions