Error 1613



Message text

Could not close network %d connection for server process %d.


This error occurs when Adaptive Server is unable to close a network connection for a Server process.

Error 1613 can be caused by:

This is not a serious problem unless it occurs frequently.

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


If you are running Adaptive Server on Digital Unix Tru64 version 5, you will need the appropriate operating system patch that corrects this problem. Go to and search for TechNote 1012739 for the list of patches and patch kits available at the time of publication. As always, check with the operating system vendor for the latest patches.

On other platforms, check the values for your system parameters that affect network use:

If you suspect network problems, have your network administrator run diagnostics on the network between the client and the Adaptive Server machines to isolate the problem.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions