File already in use

Message text

basis_dlock: file '%s' already in use by a SQL Server

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


During startup, Adaptive Server tries to lock the master device. If Adaptive Server finds that the master device is already locked, the above message is written to the error log and Adaptive Server does not start. <%s> is the name of the master device file.

The most common reasons for this error are:


At the operating system level, check the processes that currently exist and determine whether an Adaptive Server using the master device you specified is already running.

If an Adaptive Server using the specified master device is already running, and this is not the Server you want to start, determine the correct master device name for the Server you want to start.

If you cannot determine whether the master device is already in use, reboot the operating system.

NoteIf the master device resides on an operating system file system, copy the file to another name, modify the RUN_server file, and start Adaptive Server with the new file. See “Using a RUN_server_name file” in chapter “Starting and Stopping Servers” in the Configuration Guide for UNIX.