No more engines can be offlined

Message text

ueoffline: No more engines can be offlined in order to support %d outstanding network connections. Please try later when the server has fewer connections.


Adaptive Server Enterprise version 12.0 and later allows System Administrators to bring down server engines using the dbcc engine(offline) command. Along with the existing dbcc engine(online) command, this makes it possible for System Administrators to dynamically optimize the number of engines on a server based on the work load.

When you execute dbcc engine(offline), Adaptive Server checks whether the remaining engines can accommodate the outstanding user connections. This error is raised if taking the engine offline would make it impossible to support current connections to the server.


Wait until there are fewer active connections, then re-try the dbcc engine(offline) command.

Use sp_who periodically to determine the number of active user connections on your server. Use the following command to determine the upper limit on the number of file descriptors available for server connections:

1> select <@@max_connections>
2> go

The return value represents the maximum possible descriptors available. Take into account overhead such as site handler connections, and note that overhead increases with the number of engines.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.0 and later