os_attach_region errors

Message text

os_attach_region: shmat(%d): %s

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


Adaptive Server uses the function os_attach_region to attach to a shared memory region based on a shared memory identifier. This error occurs when Adaptive Server fails to attach to a region. In this message, (%d) is the shared memory identifier and (%s) is an operating system error message.

NoteThe message is raised on UNIX systems only. Other operating systems raise slightly different errors.


An os_attach_region error can occur when the value of the operating system parameter shmseg is too small. For information about configuring shared memory properly, refer to the Adaptive Server Enterprise installation and configuration guides for your platform and version.

This message can also be raised by Monitor Server. Refer to the Monitor Server User's Guide for details.

Additional information

Refer to the operating system man pages for the shmat() system call.