Error 207



Message text

Invalid column name '%.*s'.


This error occurs when Adaptive Server tries to use a column name that does not exist. Adaptive Server supports delimited identifiers for table, view, and column names. Delimited identifiers are object names enclosed within double quotation marks. Using them allows you to avoid certain restrictions on object names. Delimited identifiers can begin with non-alphabetic characters, including characters that would not otherwise be allowed. Delimited identifiers may even be Transact-SQL reserved words.

Delimited identifiers can cause some SQL statements to fail. For example, error 207 would be raised for the column “none” in this example:

1> select au_name, "none", au_fname
2> from pubs2..authors
3> go


Check the spelling of the column name specified in the error message. If the column name is wrong, correct it in your SQL statement and run it again.

If this error message displays because of delimited identifiers, use single quotes instead of double quotes or turn delimited identifiers off. To turn delimited identifiers off, enter:

1> use <database_name>
2> go
1> set quoted_identifier off
2> go

When delimited identifiers is turned “on”, delimiting strings with double quotes causes Adaptive Server to treat them as identifiers.

Additional information

Refer to the Transact-SQL User's Guide for information about delimited identifiers.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions