Error 14560



Message text

Attempt to write the manifest file failed; error code is %ld. 


A manifest file describes a database and is created by executing any of these commands:

While attempting to write manifest data from in-memory structure to a file, an error occurred.


Check that the necessary file space exists and that the user has permissions to write to the file. Often there is another error that accompanies error 14560. If the failed command was quiesce database for external dump, it is possible that the database has already been quiesced even if the manifest file creation failed. In this case, issue the quiesce database command to resume activity on the database:

quiesce database <tag_name> release

Where <tag_name> is a user-defined name that designates the list of databases to hold or release. The <tag_name> must conform to the rules for identifiers.

Resolve the other error first. Then retry quiesce database for external dump after the accompanying error is corrected.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.5.1 and later