Error 1622



Message text

Type '%c' not implemented.


Adaptive Server uses TDS (Tabular Data Stream) packets during communication with clients to differentiate between different types of packets. A token is attached to every TDS packet. Error 1622 occurs when a client sends an invalid TDS token.

Valid packet header tokens include:

In the message output, “%c” is the token name causing the 1622 error.

Error 1622 occurs with the following states:




Error 1622 occurs with state 1 if the packet header cannot be converted to one of the tokens listed above.


Error 1622 occurs with state 2 if the header token is correct but the data token is bad.


Check your network to make sure there are no unexpected characters being sent to Adaptive Server because of noise on the line or hardware problems. If you have confirmed that unexpected characters are not occurring, call Sybase Technical Support.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions