Error 12881



Message text

There is insufficient memory to allocate the structures needed to set local switches. Contact your System Administrator


Starting with Adaptive Server versions 12.5.4 and 15.0.2, trace flags can be turned on and off using the set switch command (rather than dbcc traceon).

For each user process and some system processes, Adaptive Server maintains a process status structure (PSS) to track the state of processes and resource use. Memory is dynamically allocated from the PSS session pool to turn local switches on, when needed. This memory is freed if the last local switch is turned off. The PSS session pool is created at start time and can be used by all processes. Processes allocate memory from this pool as and when needed. Error 12881 is raised when an attempt to allocate memory from the PSS session pool fails.


Try setting this local switch later when more memory becomes available or consider increasing heap memory per user. See the chapter “Setting Configuration Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2.

Versions in which this error is raised

Versions 12.5.4 and 15.0.2 or later