Error 12818



Message text

Cannot create an object of this type in system-created proxy database.


Adaptive Server Enterprise’s high availability (HA) support allows two nodes in a cluster to take over each other’s workload in the event of a failure. The server that fails is called the primary, and the server that takes over the workload is the secondary. Movement of data access services from a failed primary server to a companion secondary server is known as failover.

In the HA architecture, the secondary companion is configured with proxy databases which act as placeholders; in the event of failover, proxy databases are dropped and replaced with databases mounted and recovered from the primary server.

Error 12818 is raised when you attempt to execute certain data definition language (DDL) commands in a proxy database, including:

These commands are not available in a proxy database, which is a system database reserved solely for HA use in the event of failover.


No action is needed. User objects should not be placed in a proxy database.

Additional information

For details about the DDL commands supported in primary and secondary servers in an HA environment, see Using Sybase Failover in a High Availability System.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.0 and later