Error 9290



Message text

%S_REPAGNT. Log record (%d,%d) for object = %d contains inconsistent data. Rep Agent will try to extract the information read and continue replication. Unexpected data may be replicated.


Error 9290 is raised only when Replication Agent trace flag 9217 has been activated. While scanning the log, Replication Agent has found an invalid column or parameter length stored in the log record. This error is similar to error 9289, however when this trace flag is active, Replication Agent attempts to replicate the information stored in the inconsistent log record.


The transaction, at the indicated log record, may have replicated inconsistent data. Please contact Sybase Technical Support for instructions on running the dbcc log command to identify the transaction.

Additional information

If it is necessary to troubleshoot further, take a dump of the transaction log containing the problem to allow Sybase Technical Support to further analyze the issue.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.5.3 and later