Error 11068



Message text

Transaction was found in the incorrect state of '%1!'. The expected state was '%2!'


Adaptive Server is performing a generic cleanup after executing a statement. While checking to see if updates associated with the transaction are complete, Adaptive Server found a transaction in the wrong state.


This error is raised most frequently when handling parallel processing, when resources are low. To avoid this error, increase the memory per worker process. Occasionally this error is preceded by another error (or shows a previous error in the error log) that reports you have run out of some configurable resource. If that is the case, address that issue first before trying to resolve error 11068.

Additional information

If the error persists, a configurable shared memory dump (CSMD) may be helpful in determining the root cause. Information about CSMD can be found in the chapter “Other Useful Tasks” in the most recent version of the Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery guide.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version and later