Error 863



Message text

Buffer resources in cache %s, id %d are unavailable. Please re-run this query or ask the system administrator to re-configure buffer cache memory.


When a page is read into memory from disk, a buffer header is assigned to it. The header tracks the usage and the contents of the page image. The page and the buffer header together define a buffer. The buffers themselves are grouped together to form memory address space segments (MASSes). A buffer cache consists of MASSes linked in MRU/LRU (most recently used/least recently used) chains. Error 863 occurs when you run a query and Adaptive Server is unable to find an empty buffer in any buffer pool in the named cache.

Error 863 occurs with the following states:




Adaptive Server could not find a buffer pool that had any available buffers in it.


When Adaptive Server makes a prefetch request for a MASS of a specific size, it checks the page range for the request to determine whether any of the pages within the range are already in cache. If any of the pages are already in cache, error 863 occurs with state 2. This state is caused by an Adaptive Server internal error.


Rerun the query later (when buffer resources in that cache might be free) or use sp_cacheconfig to increase the size of the cache.

Additional information

Refer to the most recent version of the Reference Manual: Procedures for information about sp_cacheconfig.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions