Error 259



Message text

Ad-hoc updates to system catalogs not enabled. A user  with System Security Officer (SSO) role must reconfigure system to  allow this.


System tables include all:

The system catalog contains the collection of system tables.

Error 259 occurs when you try to directly modify an Adaptive Server system table without first using sp_configure to set the allow updates configuration parameter. Setting this variable allows the System Administrator (“sa”) to make changes to system tables.

WARNING! Serious problems can result from an incorrectly modified system table. Only change system tables when Sybase Technical Support or this manual instructs you to do so.


Do not use any of the procedures in this section before reading all warnings and cautions. Incorrect alterations of a system table can result in database corruption and data loss.

To successfully modify the system catalog when directed by Technical Support or this guide, use this procedure:

  1. As “sa,” use sp_configure to allow changes to the system catalog:

    1> sp_configure "allow updates", 1
    2> go
  2. Make changes to the system catalog as directed by Technical Support or elsewhere in this guide. Always use begin transaction when changing a system table, to protect against errors that could corrupt your database.

  3. Immediately following the changes, use sp_configure to disallow subsequent changes to the system catalog, which is the default state for Adaptive Server:

    1> sp_configure "allow updates", 0
    2> go

    WARNING! You must return Adaptive Server to its normal state, or anyone who can log in as “sa” can make changes to the system tables, or create stored procedures that alter system tables.

  4. If you update sysusages, sysobjects, sydatabases, or sysdevices, restart Adaptive Server to update structures that are stored in cache and are related to those tables.

Additional information

See “allow updates to system tables” in the chapter “Configuring Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1, and see the section on sp_configure in the Reference Manual: Procedures for more information about using (sp_configure) allow updates.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions