Error 1903



Message text

%d is the maximum allowable size of an index. Composite index specified is %d bytes.


A composite index is any index that uses from 2 to 16 columns. Error 1903 occurs when the sum of the lengths of all the columns used in a composite index exceeds the allowable limits.

Following is an example of a composite index using objects from the pubs2 sample database:

1> create index example
2> on authors (phone, state, postalcode)
3> go

phone is defined as char(12), state as char(2), and postalcode as char(10). Since each char takes 1 byte of storage, the total length of this composite index is 24 bytes.


Examine the lengths of the columns in your composite index and make sure that the lengths total no more than 600 bytes. Refer to “Using system-supplied datatypes” and “User-defined datatypes” in the Transact-SQL User's Guide for information about how to calculate the storage size for different Adaptive Server datatypes.

Additional information

Refer to “create index” in the Reference Manual: Commands for information about indexes.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions