Error 924



Message text

Database '%.*s' is already open and can only  have one user at a time.


This error occurs when an attempt is made to access a database that has been set to single-user mode and is being accessed by another user. Only one user at a time can access a database that is set to single-user mode.


  1. Verify that the database being accessed is in single-user mode:

    1> sp_helpdb <database_name> 
    2> go

    If the database is in single-user mode you will see “single user” in the status column along with any other options that are set for the database.

  2. Execute sp_who to determine who is accessing the database. Look for the database name under the dbname column and the login name in the loginame column.

  3. Contact the individual and arrange for database access or contact your System Administrator (“sa”). The “sa” or database owner (“dbo”) can set the database to multi-user access when the database is not in use by executing the following from the master database:

    1> sp_dboption <database_name>, single, false 
    2> go
    1> use <database_name> 
    2> go
    1> checkpoint 
    2> go

Refer to the most recent version of Reference Manual: Procedures for information about sp_dboption.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions